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Today’s Scotch Tasting: Bruichladdich Rocks

Memorial Day Tasting: Bruichladdich Rocks
This one I have had my eye on for a while, but I also had a little fear in approaching it. Why? Well, quite simply, it is an Islay scotch that is unpeated. In this day and age, that is a bit unheard of…I am not yet schooled in Islay scotch history.

Their words…
“An innovative single malt created by our head distiller, distilling legend Jim McEwan…this vibrant multi-vintage bottling showcases the remarkable elegance of spirit distilled on our unique Victorian stills.”

My words…
Color: warm walnut and amber, a bit concentrated in intensity.

Nose: the sea, sea salt, algae and a fresh green mint.

Taste without H2O: not very intense, even, warm, plain cream.

Nose with H2O added: wow, what a difference…floral—lots of lilac, so spring- like. A few minutes later, it’s more of roses with a hint of banana.

Taste with H2O: pervasively toasty, warm and grainy (wheat + barley). With some full cream, ice cream.

Finish: Loses some intensity, but still has, after 30ish seconds, a friendly, hanging-around-the-firepit warmth.

Overall…what a treat to try…the Bruichladdich Rocks has a refreshing modernism, a Scotch born from my times, which is…truly…fun. There’s a lot of careful crafting and a honest warmth. It is a new friend…and I want to hang out with this friend quite a bit more.


Royal Salute, the luxury Scotch whisky brand within the Chivas Regal portfolio, has launched the world’s most expensive line of Scotch whisky, which is priced at $200,000 per bottle, excluding taxes. Called “Tribute to Honour,” the limited edition whisky pays homage to the Tribute to Honours, which are the crown jewels of Scotland and the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles…

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